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Every voice should be ignited, whether you stand in front of one or in front of millions.
I ignite voices.

Begin your path to mastery.

Step onto any stage, into any boardroom, in front of any audience with confidence that you will have outstanding success!

Christina will help you identify challenges, overcome concerns, and breathe a fresh breath of excellence into your next speech, performance, or presentation.


Take your performing talents to new heights and captivate your listeners with one-on-one, personal voice coaching from Christina, an a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience on the stage.


Break annoying habits, engage your audience with confidence, make every word count, manage stage fright and learn how to control your voice.

Team Coaching

Cash in on the Relationship Capital of your team. These VIP workshops develop communication tactics, build unity, and establish internal & external communication best practices.

Bruce Buffer and Christina Walker

Bruce Buffer

"Veteran Voice of the Octagon"

I calm the concern of an executive by creating a strategic coaching plan that will prepare them for the moment they step on stage to Speak Volumes and Be heard.

Communication is the language of Leadership.

But can you communicate?
Can you communicate your idea, your vision, your message, your proposal?

Christina is the right speech coach to show you how to become a Dynamic, Inspiring, and Persuasive Communicator and give yourself a competitive advantage.

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George Mansour

Owner of CEHIT, INC., Speaker and Cybersecurity Expert, Boston, MA (

"I was going to be on stage with Al Pacino and I was full of fear, my heart was pumping and I thought I would fall off stage. I’ve been in business for 20 years but this was my first time on stage. Christina was there for me, not just as a client worked into a funnel system, but she rolled up her sleeves and she got down to business. I needed quick coaching for a successful experience. Christina didn’t worry about the logistical details, she jumped in and got the job done in time, and the rest came later. Thanks again for helping me on stage for the first time. You’re a winner and anyone you help will be too."


Katie Tuck

Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been working on music projects with Christina Walker since 2010. She has helped me vocally reach my full potential. She continues to inspire me to this day."


Mom of Madeline Hurst

10 year old Vocal Performance Student, Knoxville, TN

"My family has been so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Christina Walker for the past two years. She not only developed my daughter’s musical ability but also a strong sense of self-worth. Madeline, initially a 9-year-old who was afraid to sing in front of anyone, through Christina’s training and guidance is now able to sing in front of audiences of hundreds. It is not only the music ability, but the character development that Christina is able to pull from the student. We have had the privilege of working with her in face to face lessons as well as through Skype, both vises are equally effective. I am so excited to see the opportunities ahead for Madeline and can attribute much of her success to the guidance of Christina Walker."


Elijah Rock

Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA

“Christina is a rare find. Not only is she a dynamic speaker who truly engages the audience with her effective use of the Music Arts, she’s also a gifted coach who’s passionate about bringing the best to stage. You will definitely be entertained, motivated, inspired and challenged!”

Lyric Knight

Mom of Lyric Knight

8 year old Vocal Performance student,
Dallas, TX

"I needed a powerhouse vocal performance coach, but one who could coach my daughter with gentle guidance and in an encouraging atmosphere. I found that in Coach Christina! Every session, Christina creates an individualized training experience and taps into my daughter’s learning style in order to develop her singing talent! Christina can speak, coach, compose, train, inspire…she’s an amazing find.”


"What encouraging words you gave us in Chapel before our game against the UT Lady Vols. I really enjoyed "Perspective-Shift!!"

- Kevin Cook, Head Women's Basketball Coach, Winthrop University

Having worked in the music industry for three decades it’s refreshing to discover a music teacher with the unique talent to educate and share the passion of music with her students. She has inspired my daughter, Lyric, to be confident in her ability to sing and play piano. In a short amount of time I’ve watched my daughter's knowledge and ability of music grow considerably. My daughter absolutely enjoys her time with Christina and looks forward to her next opportunity to expand on her musical talent.

- Chaz Knight, Professional Musician and former Radio DJ with 97.1 The Eagle Dallas, Dallas, TX

“Christina is an outstanding speaker who captivates the audience and fills the room with joy and laughter! Her fun, creative style allows the wisdom she communicates to be easily retained and applied. Whether she’s in front of an intimate coaching group or on stage in front of thousands, the experience is unforgettable.”

- Allison Jackson, Knoxville, TN

You need a coach that is strategic, tactful, creative and intuitive. You’ve found one in Christina. She will bring out the best in you or your team.