the Potential of Your Audience. Your Team. Your Marketplace.

Christina has a repertoire of Signature Keynotes, Exclusive Workshops and Breakout Sessions tailored for your needs:

  • How to Shut Up and actually Communicate
  • How to Build Relationship Capital
  • How to Create The Snapshot Moment in your conversations
  • And more...
50 Cent Pic on stage

50 Cent

Rapper, Actor, Businessman, & Investor


Katie Tuck

Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been working on music projects with Christina Walker since 2010. She has helped me vocally reach my full potential. She continues to inspire me to this day."


Elijah Rock

Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA

“Christina is a rare find. Not only is she a dynamic speaker who truly engages the audience with her effective use of the Music Arts, she’s also a gifted coach who’s passionate about bringing the best to stage. You will definitely be entertained, motivated, inspired and challenged!


George Mansour

Owner of CEHIT, INC., Speaker and Cybersecurity Expert, Boston, MA

"I was going to be on stage with Al Pacino and I was full of fear, my heart was pumping and I thought I would fall off stage. I’ve been in business for 20 years but this was my first time on stage. Christina was there for me, not just as a client worked into a funnel system, but she rolled up her sleeves and she got down to business. I needed quick coaching for a successful experience. Christina didn’t worry about the logistical details, she jumped in and got the job done in time, and the rest came later. Thanks again for helping me on stage for the first time. You’re a winner and anyone you help will be too."


Christina is the Headliner your event needs. Drawing from her nearly 20 years of experience as a Vocal Performance Coach and Speaker, Christina's presentations are unparalleled.

 She crafts her signature Keynotes by combining the Music Arts with your Business's needs to produce a Keynote performance like you've never experienced before.

"Shut Up & Communicate"

Engage your audience and Ignite your team’s potential with this power-packed keynote titled after Christina's book,"
This Keynote will:
  • Captivate your audience
  • Ignite Passion and Creativity
  • Help you Stand up and Stand Out in the Market
  • Engage your Teams

It's time to separate your organization from the crowd.
Hire Christina, a Proven Presenter.

"Building Relationship Capital"

Ready to maximize the return on your personal & professional relationship investments? Understand the WHO | HOW | WOW strategy to build and sustain relationships that convert.
This Keynote will:
  • Build Relationships that convert
  • Influence the Influencers
  • Create Leadership Harmony
  • Leverage perceptions and perspectives

It's time to separate your organization from the crowd.
Hire Christina, a Proven Presenter.

Speak volumes.
Be heard.

7 Communication Game-Changers from her best selling book: Shut Up & Communicate

Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Christina not only delivers an electrifying Keynote Speech, she also conducts high-content Breakout Sessions at the same conference. This will maximize your investment and ensure the success of your event!

Ignite Your Voice. Ignite your Poise. Ignite your Choice.™

There is power lying dormant within you and within those around you. It is time to ignite that power so your business can explode!

The Snapshot Moment ™

The Snapshot. The Soundbyte. The Sensation: Creating Conversations that Communicate.

The Intrinsic Value Filter™

Learn how to run all communication through the Intrinsic Value Filter or you will not connect with your audience, even worse—they wouldn't want you to.

Starbucks interview

Why does it feel like you're talking to a brick wall when you're talking to your employees or team? Maybe they are asking the same questions right now... about you!

There is nothing I love more than to help ensure the success of an event by commanding the stage!


Christina promotes trust as the foundation of all relationships

Earn their trust, and strengthen your social and professional bonds.

Every day your team or organization interacts internally and with the public, representing the face of your brand. Christina has a track record of strengthening communication skills and reinforcing critical success factors to impact growth.

  • How to Make a Lasting Impact
  • How to Observe and Listen
  • How to Engage, Leverage, and Sustain Your Relationships